Founded in 1999, Bet-at-Home isn’t the biggest bookmaker on the market, but they have grown consistently since their beginning. Initially operating in Austria, they developed and our now main sponsors of several football teams such as Herta Berlin or FC Schalke. That ensure them a nice visibility and a strong brand name.

Bet-at-Home Welcome Offers and Other Bonuses

Bet-at-Home’s sign-up bonus is as efficient as simple : 50% of your first deposit will be add to it. It means that if you make a £100 deposit, you’ll actually playing with 150£. This bonus can not exceed £50. Compared to what is commonly practiced in the industry, Bet-at-Home can be considered as one the best. Not only the amount is satisfying, but the fact that it is actually really to get it is also highly appreciable.

Also, Bet-at-Home has a bonus you’ll almost never find anywhere else. Everyday, they give £50 to one of their customer IF he connects on this day. If he doesn’t, the 50£ are added and given to another customer the day after + the daily £50. If you’re lucky enough, you can really enjoy a huge jackpot. For example, at the moment this review is being written, the customer is enable to win £750 if he connects today !

A part from that, Bet-at-Home doesn’t offer that many bonuses. However, it is important that the offer are really impressive.

Bet-at-Home’s Odds Policy and Sportsbook’s quality

If the sportsbook is worthy of interest, the odds can sometimes look awkward. In fact, with a margin above 6%, Bet-at-Home doesn’t offer the best odds on the market.

Even though this bookmaker accepts high amount for your bets, those can sometimes represent a break for some punters. This is one of their main weakness, and they sure will be working on it in the future.

Bet-at-Home even offers funny bets, as betting who will be the next Pope or the next monarch in UK.

Bet-at-Home Website’s User-Friendliness /Bet-at-Home on Your Mobile

You might take a few minute finding your way on the bookmaker’s website. In fact, the design the sharpest on the market.

However, all the important information are clearly notified, and once you know how it works, it really easy to navigate on the website.

Also, and this might be the most important data, the website runs really fast, which is real pleasant, mostly if you like In-Play betting. All those observations are applicable for the app and the mobile version of the bookmaker.

Betting Live with Bet-at-Home

The In-Play betting is really soft and clear. You won’t face any difficulties placing your bets. As, the website runs fast, you’re pretty sure that you won’t be taken by time and get screwed because of it.

The bets options are really vast. Punters will be able to gamble on almost every data of every game they want.

Customer Support

Live chat, mail and telephone : Bet-at-Home intends to be one of the best bookmaker, so they have to provide to service to do so! Also, their agents are comprehensive. They usually solve your problems within a few minutes.

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