Marathonbet just celebrate its 20th birthday this year. Even if this length might appear as a short experience, they already gathers more 1.5 million customers over 175 countries. it is also important to notice that Marathonbet is one of the leading bookmaker operating in Russia.

Marathonbet Welcome Offers and Bonuses

Marathonbet offers a sign-up bonus which is an average quality of what is commonly practiced in the industry. in fact the punters will get their first deposit doubled. However, it limited to a maximum amount of £20.

To claim this bonus, you’ll need to create an account, to use the special code “TV20” and to play your initial 20£ on an odds above 1.8. No matter how this bet ends, you’ll receive £20 from the bookmaker.

Except this Welcome Bonus, Marathbon doesn’t share a lot of freebets or special offers. This bookmaker isn’t known for its bonuses.

Marathonbet’s Odds Policy and Sportsbook’s quality

Thanks to its development in many countries, the bookmaker offers a very diversified sportsbook. Football, tennis, Basketball and Ice Hockey are the most popular on Marathonbet but all the other sports are well covered.

However, the real positive points of this bookmaker is its odds policy. You will almost never find a bookmaker with such low margins. For football, they are at 1.5%, a record. the highest margin you’ll find is on Ice Hockey, and it’s only at 4.5%, which is far below from their competitors.

The average margin of the odd on Marathonbet is 2.3%. This is the massive asset of this bookmaker.

Marathonbet Website’s User-Friendliness /Marathonbet on Your Mobile

The website is so easy, that you can sometime wonder what you are doing there. It goes straight to the aim : placing your bet. However, nothing push you to do so. In this way, it can seems awkward.

This simplicity makes the website run as fast as internet connection can go, which is a really good point.

Those observatio can also be done for the app, and the mobile version of the website.

Betting Live with Marathonbet

Thanks to its design and its simplicity, In-Play bet with Maratonbet is fast and efficient. Also, the sportsbook is as important for the live bet as it is for the pre-game bet.

During the games, you’ll find many graphics and statitics in order to help you make your decision. Thanks to this different tools, you increase your chances if winning your bet.

Customer Support

First, it is important to notice that FAQ and Help section is actually helpful. It is rare enough to be underlined. However, in case you need to contact Marathonbet, their Customer Service is reachable by mail, live chat and phone, as every important bookmaker!

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